You're Sacked

Kat is not happy with one of her under achieving employees and has called him into the office for a disciplinary. She is so disappointed with this guy that she has decided to strip him naked and give him a good thorough ballbusting. She has worn her pointiest stiletto boots for the occasion and wastes no time in using them to kick this loser HARD in the balls! And she doesn't kick him just once, but many times and in different positions. If you have seen Kat kicking before you will understand that it would be bad enough to receive just one of her hard kicks, but she seems really intent on busting this guys nuts for good. She also grabs and squeezes them hard with her bare hands. Kat grabs them for so long and hard at one point it appears that they could quite easily pop! To make matters worse he doesn't even know whether he is still going to be allowed to keep his job or not. Will he be sacked, or will Kat be content with just beating his sack? Originally released in 2009 this hardcore ballbusting classic has been re-encoded to full 1080p HD and re-uploaded by popular demand.

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, Boots, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing kicking, cbt, femdom, Kat

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