Who Killed Kenny - ReMastered

Dawns boyfriend has gone to a party dressed as Kenny from South Park. Upon his return Becky has Karen around for a girly night and he drunkenly stumbles in and urinates in the corner of the room! Horrified by this the girls strip his clothes off him and begin to knee him hard in the balls! The two girls then decide to put their pointy footwear to good use and begin to nail his balls with some hard kicking. Karen is wearing some sexy black patent heels and becky some kinky knee boots and both girls kick him really hard in the balls over and over again. He tries to fall to the floor but the girls just keep dragging him up for more. There is some camera footage right at the level of the girls feet and you can witness from the floor upwards what seem like some incredibly fast and lethal kicks. Surely our Kenny wannabe will not be able to stand this constant hard barrage of ball abuse? Download the movie and see this crazy ballbusting movie unfold. This is a KK classic from the archives. Previously released in a 720 X 576 resolution we have remastered and up-scaled it to 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution. We hope you enjoy this classic ballbusting movie featuring Mistress Dawn and Karen Wood.

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Runtime: 00:38  l  Views: 3221  l  Added: 2017-09-12 16:34:07

Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, CFNM, Shoes & Heels CBT, Kicking, Mistress Dawn Superior, Karen Wood

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