Todgers Torment

Paige and Shay have one of their male slaves shackled up in their dungeon and have a special treat instore for him today. They remove his underwear and bring out a leather bondage device for his genitals. The two girls tie the device around his cock and procceed to give him some stimulation. They tease his balls and threaten to squeeze them hard with a menacing giggle. They eventually unleash his cock and lube it up to massage at sensually. They take turns with one working his todger and the other one fondling his balls, driving him crazy. But these teasers have their tyrants head on today. Just as the poor guy apears to be getting close to exstasy they stand up and walk away, leaving him chained up and frustrated. it appears this guy has been properly teased and denied by these two hot tyrant teasers!!!

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Runtime: 00:39  l  Views: 4531  l  Added: 2017-01-30 18:06:30

Tags: CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing, handjob, Tyrant Teasers restrained, cbt, 2 on 1, Paige, Shay

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