The Nutchracker

Kat is doing some warmups as part of her ballet dancing practice. As she goes up onto her tippie toes a guy sat near by gets curious about the strength needed in a womens legs to perform. Kat explains how strong her legs are but the foolish onlooker makes some comment about womens legs not being as strong as a mans legs. So Kat decides to show the man how powerful her dancers legs really are! What happens next is brutal. Kat is wearing her ballet pointe shoes which have blocks of wood in the tips, and she has no fear in kicking this foolish guy hard in the balls with this lethal footwear! It isn't long before this guy finds himself holding onto his balls in excrutiatiing pain. But Kat keeps kicking, stomping and kneeing with no mercy. She also decides to demonstrate the strength of her hands and grabs his balls hard over and over again, squeezing and squeezing while he writhes around in agaony, but like a bulldogs jaw these hands just won't let go! This is real hard ballbusting and the guy involved was unable to get off the floor for sometime after Kat had finished with him! Originally released in 2008 we have remastered this classic to a higher quality 1080p full HD.

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing cbt, kicking, ballet, nutcracker, kat

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