Ready Or Not

A client has been waiting in a hotel lounge for a while for a pair of blonde escorts to fulfil the night of his life. They finally arrive and the impatient man abruptly asks them if they want a drink. Ever business orientated and thinking that ''time is money', etc; they say 'no' at first, but as the man's manner gets more stroppy they decide to change their mind. This irritates the eager man and he begins to get increasingly obnoxious, so they show him that they are ready when they want by fiercely ravaging his little balls with harsh kicks and knees with their footwear and bare feet. The shocked and scared client tries to make amends by verbally trying to wriggle out of the position he has got himself into, but these fierce hired help duo are determined to make him aware that they are not just objects of his desire or abuse. Not letting him rest they grab, squeeze and twist his balls with their hands; digging their long polished nails into his scrotum. He collapses to the floor desperate for more loving and less hating, but he should have thought about that sooner and the girls jump, trample and stomp their feet across his unprotected balls, chest and face! His disrespect of these fine females becomes apparent and through the greater good realises that it is true that good things come to those who wait! Regrettably, if only he had! Money can't buy you love ............. so, ready or not, here they come!!!

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, Barefoot, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing, Shoes & Heels, Trample kicking, cbt, pain, Ashleigh, Foxy

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