Preggers Plays Pop

Keeley and Trinity discover that they are pregnant by the same man. Obviously they are not very happy at this discovery and decide to invite him over so they can break the good news to him...and get revenge! If he knew what was in store for him he would have stayed well away from these two scorned ladies. But he didn't! These two pregnant ladies strip the bastard and start to administer some serious punishment on his balls. They use their bare hands to grab, slap and poke his nuts with sharp finger nails then begin to kick him hard in the bollocks with their pointy stilettos. Eventually they remove their pointy shoes but continue to kick and stomp on his balls with their stocking clad feet. The pathetic man writhes on the floor in agony but the girls just keep on kicking and stomping his balls!. It looks like these girls really want to make him suffer and experience pain of equal or greater severity to their impending labour!!!

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing, Shoes & Heels cbt, kicking, 2 on 1, stockings

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