Onna and Dominique are two lifestyle latex lovers who just love to get dressed up in kinky fetishwear. Today they have got all dressed up in some sexy, tight latex clothing and shiny patent thigh high boots, but need a bit of extra entertainment. As an extra treat today Onna has a special surprise for her friend and calls in a naked male slave. She has got this male plaything in today so they can abuse him and have some sexy sadistic fun. The two girls decide to have some ballbusting fun with their toy and begin to kick and abuse his balls. The two booted beauties take great please in kicking the naked man in the balls with their pointy boots. They also love to use their hands to squeeze and slap his cock and balls hard. They are both wearing tight shiny latex gloves and seem to enjoy the sound it makes as they pound his groin with their gloved hands. Of course their sharp heels get some action as well and the two girls stomp on his balls while he lays on the floor, digging their sharp stiletto's into his tender nut sack!!! The ballbusting abuse goes on for twenty minutes until they finally let him crawl away with a set of sore red testicles!

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, Boots, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing cbt, kicking, 2 on 1, latex, rubber, gloves, fetish

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