Flirt Divert

A guy in a night club crashes and burns after trying to hit on two hot girls on the dance floor. After asking for their phone numbers he quickly realizes that they have not given him a genuine number and responds with some verbal abuse. The girls are pretty pissed off about being confronted about this. So, they decide to have some fun!! They divert the useless chat up into a false sense of security by asking him to strip in the middle of the dance floor. In his drunken state he his only too happy to oblige. However, he wasn't expecting what came next as one of the girls launches a hard well aimed kick right into his balls! Still trying to catch his breath from the last kick he receives another kick to the groin from the second girl. The DJ looks on in disbelief at what he is seeing while the girls giggle at their victim writhing in pain. Not happy with having one turn each to kick him the two girls commence a sustained attack on his sore private parts. They both grab his balls hard with their bare hands, making a vice like grip, which makes him almost vomit. They even uses his red swelling sack as a punch bag, attacking it with fists and karate chops. It doesn't stop there for the failed flirt! As he rolls around the floor in pain, the two dirty dancers literally stick the boot in this man while he is down, using their sharp stiletto heels to dig deep into his scrotum!!! Where are the bouncers when you need 'em? One thing is for sure...this is double trouble for this poor fellow. Once with his chat up lines, and then he is sent collapsing to the ground with a burning scrotum! Something tells me that this guy may never be able to approach a girl again after this. Watch out all you guys, the next time you are 'on the pull', it could be you! RE-ENCODED TO FIX ASPECT RATIO ISSUE.Presented in 1080p Full HD.

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, Boots, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing, Shoes & Heels kicking, stomping, slapping, 2 on 1, ashleigh, foxy

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