Bed Bugs

Rose shows a male guest into his hotel room but the man does not seem very happy about the cleanliness of the sheets. He gets quite rude about it and Rose gets pretty angry. She decides to get him to remove his clothes, luring him into the false sense of security that he is in for a sexual treat. However, imagine his shock when Rose plants her stiletto hard into his groin with a big kick! In fact not content with one kick she gives him one after the other. He tries to talk his way out of it but Rose is having none of it. She laugh's at him saying, "Oh dear, I have I broke your balls? That was easy wasn't it!" Eventually she gets him onto the bed, but not for sexual fun as he had hoped. She raises her hand into the air and slaps his balls repeatedly with her bare hands. In fact she slaps them so hard that she even hurst her hand, although they don't turn the sore red colour of this guys aching balls. He tries to talk his way out of it some more but finishes upsetting her further causing her to really go at his balls with a barrage of slaps. She pins him down by sitting on him and unleashes some of the hardest, meanest slaps which have him screaming in pain!!! Download the movie and see for yourself. Download this full movie from our website.

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Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, CFNM, Shoes & Heels cbt, kicking, slapping, stockings, rose wood

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