A soldier is caught after going absent without leave and as punishment is sent to a special punishment wing for discipline. The guy must have balls of steel to take the harsh treatment that these fit professional torturers inflict. However, no Army training could prepare him for the pain that is about to be unleashed on him. Watch them persecute his 'privates' by hand knee, foot and in all ways possible in an attempt to bust this guys balls good and proper. His balls receive some extremely hard abuse and he is soon left wimpering on the floor at the mercy of these three cruel ladies! Do Kat, Paige and Shay have the ultimate technique to get this pathetic coward back into the military life? Originally released in 2009 this classic and very hard ballbusting movie has been re-encoded to 1080p HD with correct aspect ratio restored

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Tags: Ball Biting, Boots, CFNM, Grabbing & Squeezing, Shoes & Heels cbt, gloves, kicking, 3 on 1, Shay, Paige, Kat

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